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World’s Heaviest Woman Eman Ahmed Suffering from Health Complications


You must have heard this name: Eman Ahmed, yes the heaviest woman on this planet.
We all know how to laugh and ridicule people who are not better than us at something, but how many times have we looked back and judged whether our actions were right or wrong.

Eman Ahmed, an Egyptian that suffers from numerous diseases is battling for life due to her heavy weight. Weighing nearly 500 kg, she has developed Elephantiasis, a disease that leads to swelling of limbs and muscles and makes one immobile completely.

The media had turned into vultures trying to attract attention and sell news using Eman Ahmed because no one seemed to mind their business and respect her privacy.

The internet even Wikipedia recognizes her as the heaviest woman alive. Seriously? Does anyone have any conscience left or we have all turned into animals not realizing the severity of the situation? Instead of empathizing with the family and praying for her, we have just turned into what media has turned us into.

Life is hard on all of us but becomes harder when it becomes completely impossible for you to move and you become dependent on anyone.

Eman Ahmed had even stopped responding when she was brought to Mumbai and then to U.A.E where 20 doctors are working on her.

The hardest part is Eman Ahmed’s body is exhausted and is gradually failing to respond leading to diabetes, cardiac and urinary problems.

The 36 yr old should be enjoying her life to the fullest but she is helpless at the hands of the doctors who seem to be discovering newer diseases attacking her body.

Doctors predict that she will at least take a year to recover, however, Eman Ahmed’s family is hopeful and pleads the media to not sell their daughter as news.

This is due to the fact that Mumbai hospital was careless and now according to Eman Ahmed’s sister, Eman feels at peace as the U.A.E hospital is treating her right as a human and not as an animal.


Due to severe heart engorgement and fat surrounding her body, Eman’s body is facing severe aortic regurgitation and cardiac issues that can become fatal to death if she is not treated well.

Apart from that according to the team of doctors working on her, Eman Ahmed is also facing kidney problems, live functioning is failing day by day, hormonal imbalance, lymph edema, fungal infections and other chronic diseases.

She is slowly starting to recognize her surroundings and her recovery can be gauged by the fact that she waves at nurses muttering tamaam that means perfect in Arabic.

It would have developed a competitive streak between the Indian and U.A.E doctors but it was the effort of the UAE doctors that Eman has managed to survive that much and now her family is content finally to see her happy in her drowsy state.

It is our responsibility to take responsibility for our actions and hope that Eman survives all these stressful treatment procedures and can achieve the weight loss in order to spend the rest of her life in peace.