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UK General Election 2017 polls: Jeremy Corbyns Labour narrows gap with Tories to just three points


Labor on vähenenud vahe konservatiivid uue madala kolme punkte Jeremy Corbyn partei võitis kõrgeima küsitlus tulemus rohkem kui kolm aastat.

Viimane küsitlus YouGov The Times pani konservatiivid kohta 42 protsenti, alla ühe punkti, kuna eelmise nädala lõpus ja poole madalaim hinne, sest enne Theresa May nimetatakse üldvalimised.

Labor saadud kolm punkti jõuda 39 protsenti, samas kui Lib Dems olid seitse protsenti ja UKIP nelja.

Vaid nädal minna kuni valimispäeva, viimane uuring põhjustab närvide Tory HQ. Kaasas päev pärast vastuoluline istme-by-kohaline projektsioon YouGov ennustatud konservatiivid kaotada 20 istekohta ja Labor saada 28 istekohta, mis viib riputatud Parlamendile.

Thursday’s poll shows Mrs. May’s lead over Jeremy Corbyn When voters were asked who they want to be PM has also shrunk to 13 points, down from 17 at the end of last week.

YouGov has a narrower gap Consistently Shown Between the two parties than other polling companies. Latest surveys by ICM and ComRes found a Tory lead of 12, while Survation had the lead at six points.

The differences are in the polls Because of the way they are Adjusted by Different companies to predict turnout.

YouGov results suggest for their team expect a higher turnout Among young people, who are more likely to vote Labor. But I, for their PROJECTIONS about if young people coming out to vote are wrong, the Tories would likely win a convincing victory.

In contrast, the ICM’s most recent poll showed a three-point lead for the Tories but was Adjusted According to expectations about the turnout and translated to an 11 point lead for the Tories.

The latest YouGov poll of 1,875 adults would lead to falling Mrs. May’s party 17 seats short of an overall majority and a hung parliament after June 8th.