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U.S. Falls Behind China and Switzerland in Supercomputer Race


The u.S. May also want a more powerful supercomputer.
Chinese language supercomputers and an upgraded supercomputer in switzerland rank in advance of the u.S. In a biannual list of pinnacle supercomputers released monday with the aid of the top500 corporation, which tracks supercomputer speeds.

It is best the second time that the u.S. Absent from the top 3 maximum effective supercomputers since the agency commenced compiling the ratings 24 years in the past. Within the previous rating, posted in november, the top u.S. Supercomputer—positioned at okayridge countrywide laboratory in all rightridge, tenn.—turned into no. Three.
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“the simplest other time this took place was in november 1996, when three jap systems captured the pinnacle 3 spots,” the enterprise stated in a declaration.
But it wasn’t all awful information for the u.S.

The u.S. Has 5 of the top 10 supercomputers on the list, the most of any other us of a. Moreover, the u.S. Has 169 supercomputers inside the top 500, accompanied by way of china with a hundred and sixty.

As for the companies providing the parts for the supercomputers, intel (intc, -three.27%) is the largest with 464 of the top supercomputers using its processors. Ibm (ibm, +zero.07%) and its power processors are hooked up in 21 supercomputers, accompanied via amd’s (amd, +13.24%) chips, that are used in six supercomputers.

Nvidia’s (nvda, +0.50%) gpu chips, which can be specialized for heavy information crunching like deep getting to know, are being utilized in ninety one supercomputers to cause them to greater effective beyond what the standard chips used interior. As an example, the swiss country wide supercomputing center outfitted its supercomputer with nvidia’s chips, which precipitated the gadget to double its performance and climb from no. 8 to the no. Three inside the supercomputer rankings.