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Top 5 Oldest Buildings in The World


Top 5 Oldest Buildings in the World Building is actually defined up as any human- made structure used or actually intended up for supporting up or basically sheltering up any use or the continuous occupancy. This article basically attempts up to list the very 10 oldest extant freestanding buildings constructed up in the world which are actually the masterpiece of the skill and the handwork of the people of that particular era. Today we actually become astonished to see up these amazing wonders that in so of the remote ages without any of the modern technology and the machine how so great construction were actually made up.

Top 5 Oldest Buildings in the World

1. Tumulus of Bougon, France

The world famous Tumulus of Bougon or the Necropolis of Bougon is actually a group of five Neolithic barrows (Tumulus A,B,C,D,E,F) situated in Bougon, France. Their discovery was actually done in the year 1840 and raised up a great scientific interest. Basically to protect up the monuments, the site was actually acquired up by the department of Deux-Sèvres in the year 1873. Excavations was then resumed in the late year of 1960s. The very oldest structures of this particular prehistoric monument date to the 4800 BC.

2. La Hougue Bie, Jersey

La Hougue Bie is basically an amazing historic site, with the museum, in the Parish of the Grouville, Jersey. This site was actually in the use of around 3500 BC. The site actually consists up of about 18.6 metre long passage chamber up covered by a great 12.2 metre high earth mound. The site was then firstly excavated in the year of 1925 by the Société Jersiaise. In the very Western Europe, it is actually one of the best and largest and best preserved passage graves and is alos one of the the most impressive and best preserved monument of the Armorican Passage Grave group.

3. Tarxien Temples, Malta

The popular Tarxien Temples are actually an archaeological complex in the city ofTarxien, Malta. They date up to approximately 3150 BC. The site was then later on accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year of1980. The Tarxien consisted of the three more separate, but actually attached, the temple structures. The main entrance is actually a reconstruction dating up from the year of 1956, when the whole of the site was actually restored.

4. Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt

Situated up in the year of Saqqara necropolis, in Egypt, The Pyramid of the Djoser was then built up during the early 27th century BC for the burial of the Pharaoh Djoser by the Imhotep, his vizier. This very first Egyptian pyramid consisted of the six mastabas built very atop of one another. The pyramid originally stood up about 62 metres tall, having a base of about 109 m × 125 m and was then clad up and polished up with the white limestone.

5. Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Also popularly and basically known up as the Pyramid of the Khufu which is actually the oldest and the largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis bordering what is actually now called up as the El Giza, Egypt. It is basically the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the very Ancient World, and yeah the only one to remain up largely intact. Egyptologists actually believe up that the pyramid was then built up as a great tomb for the fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu over a period of about 10 to 20-year concluding up around in the 2560 BCE.

Giving an end to this list of the most ancient and oldest structures of the world, we hope you enjoyed up reading this article, Stay Tuned.



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