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Top 5 Marathons in India


Top 5 marathons in india: whats up guys welcome to any other thrilling article. Walking has been an hobby inside the beyond years for indian lifestyle. Every year many marathons are prepared inside the u . S .. The coping with crew, contributors and venue for the marathon makes this marathon best. Many renowned men and women allow or not it’s celebrities or from corporate global participate in these marathons. Many marathons are performed for a unique motive and are efficaciously achieved. I assume you must additionally strive being part of such marathons. So in the following article i might be list down pinnacle 5 marathons in india.

Top 5 Marathons in India

1. Airtel Hyderabad Marathon

The stunning metropolis hyderabad is a growing vacation spot for all runners.  They first began marathon within the yr 2011. The principle project for accomplishing the marathon is making hyderabad an active city and making jogging as preference for exercise. They behavior complete marathon, half marathon and a 10k run. They supply prizes for pinnacle three positions. As it is a non-worthwhile trust so, all of the runs are executed for a terrific and social motive.

2. Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon

This marathon is conducted in Mumbai every year on the third Sunday of January. It is the largest marathon in Asia. You can take part in the marathon based on six categories like dream run, half marathon, full marathon, and senior citizens race, champions with disability category and also DHL corporate champions. Many famous personalities from the film industry, business tycoons, and athletes take part in this run. Here you can support the cause for which you want to run. According to that the NGO or social service will benefited. This marathon has huge prize money. Many people are a part of this worldwide.

3. Pune International Marathon

The pune global marathon is held in pune every yr. The marathon is joined via many movie stars, sports figure, commercial enterprise tycoons and plenty of others. The runs which can be performed are guys’s 1/2 run, women’s half of run, men’s full run, men’s 10k run, women’s 10k run, short movie star run, and to call a few. The marathon is conducted for a social and precise purpose. The preceding runs helped the people combating with aids, hiv, most cancers and plenty of other problems. You first need to sign in your self after which participate inside the run.

4. Kaveri path marathon
The kaveri path marathon is held in karnataka. Whilst you run inside the marathon you get to look the beauty of the kaveri river, ranganathittu bird sanctuary, and plenty of other things. There are one-of-a-kind divisions wherein you could take part like the 10k run, half marathon and full marathon. Right here you’ll ought to pay the expenses and register your self for the marathon. Going for walks in this marathon will not be just about finishing the race but you’ll also see the beauty of karnataka. In case you want you can get training for going for walks in the marathon.

5. Goa river marathon
The goa river marathon is held in goa. The marathon is of 42 kilometers. Whilst you begin walking you may experience like walking within the heaven due to the beauty of the road. The kinds underneath you may take part are half marathon, 10k run and 5 ok charity a laugh walk run. The marathon is completed to aid the best purpose. You have to sign in yourself in the marathon. After registering you will have time to exercise due to the fact they conduct many trial runs before the main event.

So, men if you want to support for a very good reason or need to try running within the marathon then sign in yourself nowadays itself. I hope you enjoyed studying the object. Thanks for reading and hold traveling for similarly subjects.


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