Home Tech The next Google Pixel phone may be waterproof

The next Google Pixel phone may be waterproof


In the last year, Samsung and Apple had introduced a waterproof feature to their devices like Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7. However, it is rumored that Google is now looking to roll out its waterproof flagship device

Therefore, the company decided to introduced it into next Google Pixel phone. Intialy, it was rumored that Google will be releasing its Pixel Phone with waterproof flagship but later on the company focused on Camera in its Pixel and Pixel XL.

If the company is successful in rolling out its waterproof devices then it will be in the list of Apple, Samsung, and Sony, who have already introduced their waterproof devices in the market.

Moreover, LG has also suggested that the company is looking to introduce waterproofing in its LG G6, which will be released in next month. However, Google’s Pixel phones are somewhat water resistant but we are not saying that they are completely water proof.

The company has made the Pixel and Pixel XL waterproof only for odd splash of water. According to the videos on youtube, You can submerge Pixel phone only for 30 mins.