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Shot in downtown Orlando: 5 killed in attack


State five people were killed, including the attacker opened fire in downtown Orlando Florida area. Orange County has been

confirmed the incident on Twitter by Shroff office, but the incident is being investigated nose, but no further details have been reported from. Including the attack in Karachi, according to CNN reports, killing 5 people. Police said the incident has nothing

to do with terrorism. US TV that his sister was in his office when he heard the sound of gunfire and the TV said a woman that killed my boss’. Note that a year ago, plus Orlando nightclub fire killed 49 people and injured 58, was declared the bloodiest

incident in the history of the United States. Eolande residents had been suffering hard last year after Florida Governor Rick scout public syastdaa in his statement that “I am requesting prayer for their families to Florida residents who are affected by this incomprehensible incident ‘.