Home Tech Samsung displayed a 5G router for the home at MWC

Samsung displayed a 5G router for the home at MWC


We knew already that Samsung would be launching a tablet at tonight’s MWC event but it turns out that company had few other plans – Samsung just launched a 5G router for home.

Samsung has not provided many details about the device. However, the router will deliver top speed up to 1Gbps.

The company’s 5G products are currently in pre-commercial testing in the Korea, Japan and the US, “represent[ing] the final leg of a journey towards industry 5G adoption,” according to the company. Trials of Samsung’s 5G devices will begin this year, but the company is staying cagey about precisely when it will actually roll out for widespread commercial use. Understandably so, given the how massive of an undertaking it will ultimately be.

The router will require placement in user’s window along with 5G radios which are also announced today at MWC in Samsung press conference. The company is working closely with Verizon for the deployment of network and hope to see 5G Smartphone next year.