Home Tech Really Blue Google Pixel is finally back in stock

Really Blue Google Pixel is finally back in stock


Owing to the so many colored phones, the Google Pixel “Really Blue” was on a shocking hit.

There was a shortage of this color on Google Play due to its typical color.

The trend has been overcome and once again Really Blue Pixel is available in the markets for users.
It can not be ruled out that the stock may exhaust again.

You must realize that the version which is available in the markets is the only 32 GB regular-sized Pixel.

It must be noticed that Really Blue 32 GB is not a choice for either 128 GB Pixel.

Really Blue 32 GB Pixel XL is current not available.

It is truly mentioned that all the sizes and colors of Pixel XL are still not available in the markets.

However, the availability of fresh XL stock can not be guessed.

Thinking Really Blue being a minimum edition color choice, it was suspected earlier that it stocks must be wasted. This was luckily confirmed by Google.

Finally, if you want to buy a Really Blue Pixel you must take the step speedily to buy 32 GB Really Blue Pixel.