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Pakistan, India both are good friends of Russia Putin


MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that growing ties with Pakistan Will not Affect Russia’s relationship with India.

“There is no other country in the world With which Russia has Such ‘deep cooperation’ in delicate areas Including missile technology, and benefits from its cooperation with India,” Putin said while interacting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Putin assured Modi That Moscow’s growing ties with Islamabad will not dilute its ‘trust-based’ relationship with New Delhi.

“Pakistan and India are both good friends of Russia,” he said. “Russia wants to have fruitful relations with both of its close friends.”

That Russia claims a right does not have any ‘tight’ military relationship with Pakistan, Putin said Moscow Because it has a “special relationship” with New Delhi, it does not mean India should be restricted in Charge having contacts with other “partner countries”. “This is ridiculous.”

“We do not have any tight (military) relations with Pakistan. The US, do you have (close relations)? “He asked, speaking through an interpreter. “And for sure our relations with Pakistan have no impact is the Trade Between India and Russia.”

“I do not think we should push the figures here in our military cooperation Because it has an Unprecedented Level in its volume and quality. (But) there is no other country in the world that we do not have such deep cooperation in delicate areas Such as missiles, and we stand to benefit with cooperation with India. And this results from our trust-based relations with India, “he said.