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Moreno says Julian Assange can stay on in embassy


Ecuador’s new president, Lenin Moreno, has criticised Julian Assange as a “hacker” Stressed but his government will allow the WikiLeaks founder to REMAIN at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Moreno, who took office this month, has broken with his Predecessor, Rafael Correa, who had said Ecuador had “done its duty” by granting asylum in the Australian in 2012.

“Mr Assange is a hacker,” Moreno Told Journalists on Sunday. “That’s something we reject, and I personally reject.”

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He added: “But I respect the situation he is in, Which calls for the greatest respect of his human rights, but we also I ask that he respects the situation he is in.”

Moreno also Called Assange is not to Interferon in the internal politics of Ecuador or other Countries.

Assange responded on Twitter That he is a journalist and an editor, and Moreno, accused of slander.

Julian Assange @JulianAssange
Who is misadvising @Lenin? Saying that I am not allowed to “talk about the politics of any country” then today slandering me as a ‘Hacker’?

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Earlier this month, the Swedish prosecutor dropped a seven-year rape allegation against Assange withdrew and the European arrest warrant That had promptest his flight to the embassy and an appeal for asylum.

Assange, who denied the accusations, feared Sweden would hand him over to the US to Face Prosecution Over WikiLeaks’ publication of thousands of classified military and diplomatic documents in one of the Largest information leaks in US history.
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Moreno said Assange could continue living in the Ecuadorian Embassy Because “it seems the British government is not going to grant safe passage.”

Sweden Despite dropping the rape charges, the British police have said they still Subgroups to arrest Assange if he leaves the embassy in London, Because he had broken his bail by the Conditions for Taking refuge there.

Assange dodged an eviction order in Ecuador’s April election after the right-wing candidate who had vowed to kick him out of the embassy lost to Moreno.

Assange wrote on his Twitter account last week That he would Publish Evidence of corruption in Ecuador Received IF HE IT.

He has been under the protection of the Ecuadorian Embassy for almost five years.