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KPT Shipping Movements Report


KARACHI: Following were the Movements of Ships at Karachi Port Trust (KPT) during last 24 hours, ending at 0700 hours on Wednesday. SHIPS SAILED: Bodo Schulte Container Ship APL Japan Container Ship Alam Manis Coal Fortunate Container Ship COSCO Durban Container Ship United Fortitude Tanker Vania Container Ship Zongji 2 Tanker SHIPS BERTHED: Zhongji No 2 Tanker Vania Container Ship Northern Dependant Container Ship Mid Falcon Tanker EXPECTED SAILING DATE Kota Kamil 25/05/17 Northern Dependant 25/05/17 EXPECTED ARRIVAL DATE CARGO MID Fortune 24/05/17 D/2000 Chem N Mars 24/05/17 D/40000 Mogas 10000 Gas Oil Inrepid Republic 24/05/17 D/3500 Chem YM Keelung 24/05/17 42879 Sima Giselle 24/05/17 42879 Prosper 24/05/17 42879 Bravo V 24/05/17 D/45980 Dap Mohar 24/05/17 L/21000 Cement Wan Hai 501 25/05/17 Cont UAFL Zanzibar 25/05/17 Cont Beagle II 25/05/17 L/630 Project Cargo CS Flourish 25/05/17 D/7550 G.

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