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Johnson & Johnson Lost $110M to a Woman in US Talc Cancer Case


History has seen companies losing their worth with sues but having a cancer case on your label is one big blow that can never be forgotten easily.
Since we have been born or at least since we started using cosmetics, the one name that was always included in our list of products was Johnson and Johnson’s especially their baby products. The sweet smelling baby shampoo, powder, baby oil, has always topped our lists when it comes to shopping for our little ones.

But consider how horrifying it would have been for the world, when the company was ordered to pay $ 110 million as their product caused a woman ovarian cancer which took world by storm with cancer case following the incident.

Yes this cancer case was raised by the 62 year old lady Lois Slump from Virginia as the shower powder caused her ovarian cancer. She has been fighting chemotherapy now and is extremely terrified of what has happened to her.


The lawyers have proved that the cancer that has now spread to her liver was caused by the J & J products she used and it is been proven scientifically that the products might have caused damage to her body. The damages that the company has to pay is $ 105 million to the court and $ 5.4 million for her treatment as they lost the cancer case.

The talcum powder used by the majority of products on their private areas had been suggested to be ‘carcinogenic’ that is harming ovaries of the users. But still there has been to direct link found and it is said that maybe it helps generate a cause to the cancer but is not itself the reason.

It is discovered that women who use talcum powder on their private areas themselves inch close to being a cancer patient and it has been advised not to do so but so far no strong evidence points that Johnson and Johnson’s were the only specific reason Lois Slump discovered cancer .


We use certain products because we believe that we put our trust in that brand but it is highly inevitable now that people will continue to trust this brand. As far as people are concerned, the once respectable brand has forgotten the need to care about their customers and has made profit the sole purpose of their business.

This news might just make the brand lose their profits in the long term but also lead to the mass loss of target audience, which has been just every other household for quite a few years but you can not expect them to forget this cancer case soon now.

This has also served as a major lesson for all those brands out there that do not value their customer’s health and safety before making anything. A customer is blind when he or she first picks up your item out of the aisle of a store, it is your responsibility to ensure whether the product you are manufacturing is of the best standards or not.

Or the consequences will be the same. Facing a law suit of this much amount will not only bring a super normal loss to the company but has also defamed its image in the eyes of its brand loyal consumers.

Let us see now that whether Johnson and Johnson’s able to survive the hard hit catastrophe or will accept their part in bringing that woman the disease as ruthless as cancer.