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Irrfan Khan gave his own spin to ‘bik gayi hai gormint’ video and it’s hilarious


The express tribune. A couple of months in the past, a video of a random aged female criticising the pakistani authorities for its ineptitude began doing the rounds on social media.

Even as its cause changed into to awaken officials from their apparent shut eye, the video have become an internet sensation in a single day, with the woman’s choice of curse words instigating memes and even disco mixes.

If you hadn’t guessed who we’re speakme about by means of now, you ought to had been residing below a rock because the yeh bik gayi hai gormint ‘aunty’ might be the most horrific ass girl in all of pakistan. A lot so that her gutsy undeniable talk turned into picked up by none other than bollywood actor irrfan khan.

Yup, you study that proper. In case you idea the original video was funny, wait until you spot irrfan imitating her in this state-of-the-art video from indian comedy troupe all india bakchod (aib).
Entire with glasses and a white shawl draped around his head, irrfan flawlessly encapsulates the acerbic way wherein aunty thrashed the authorities, tweaking up the dialogues to relate to the movie enterprise. It’s humorous as hell and over again, proves what a terrific talent and recreation the life of pi famous person is.