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Imran Khan Purchased UK Flats With Black Money


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan muslim league-nawaz (pml-n) mna, talal chaudhry tuesday claimed that pakistan tehreek-i-insaf (pti) leader imran khan had bought uk (uk) residences from black cash. Speakme to a personal news channel, he stated pti and pakistan human beings’s party (ppp) were doing politics of allegations in the country even as pml-n politics was based on development and overall performance. Talal chaudhry said the pml-n government had constructed motorways and launched china pakistan economic hall (cpec) except initiated power initiatives to fulfill growing power call for.

He said big foreign funding become getting into pakistan and numerous foreign leaders had also visited the united states for funding cause. He introduced that foreign traders interest in this united states of america pondered credibility of prime minister muhammad nawaz sharif and his investment pleasant guidelines. People might forged vote in 2018 fashionable election on the idea of overall performance and regulations , he stated and brought the country wide economic system turned into strengthened because of concrete measures taken by means of the present authorities. Replying to a question on panama papers case, he stated the top minister had no longer demanded for any immunity, including he (pm) had offered himself for accountability.