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How To Submit Website Or Blog In Search Engines


Submitting website or blog in every search engine is too much important. Whenever you create any new website/blog or if you already have any old website make sure that it should be under search engines crawl. It is very important to submit site in popular search engines because its helps to increase your site visitors. Almost every person make searches regularly to find anything related to any topic.

So search engines show the relevant results of different web pages. So if you have any type of website then it is too much necessary to submit URL into search engines.

If you have any website or blog which you are not able to search, means you not find your site on search engines. Then don’t feel that their is problem with your site. This is only because search engine bots are not able to find your site to submit them in their data.

If your are facing same problem as i mention then don’t you are at right place. Because it is first necessary part for best seo working for your site.If you don’t know about why seo is necessary for your website or blog then i recommend you to read my article about seo.

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Now I decided to Write Series of an article about SEO. This is 1st Article of that series about submitting your website link in search engines. If you want to submit your site also then i try to explain all part how you can submit your site in Google, Bing, yahoo and others engines also. Now here i start one by one submission process, follow all the steps carefully.

Submit Website/Blog To Google


  • Then new box will appear with URL Box enter the correct form as shown in below image
  • Now Enter the site link in URL box which you want to submit for Google Index.
  • Now enter the right captcha   for spam free submission.
  • Now Press Submit Request button to complete process.

Submit Website/Blog To Bing
  • Open the Bing URL Site Submission page.
  • Type the Correct url form in URL Box.
  • Then enter the correct Captcha
  • Now press Submit button

Submit Website/Blog To Yahoo

Yahoo Webmaster is merged with Bing webmaster. so successful submission in Bing means also submission in Yahoo. Yahoo automatically add your site in their index from bing so not other action is required in yahoo submission.
Submit Your site To Other Search Engines

Their are many small search engines which also helps you to increase some visitors. So you also need to submit your site in those engines also. But Submit in all engines one by one is to much difficult so here are some free services for free site submission in lots of search engines.

Your can use any Free search from below list to submit site automatically in many

  1. search engines.
  2. Submit Express
  3. Add Me

Search Engine Submission
This site submission is necessary part of seo we can also say that it is also first step to work on seo improvement. I hope you learn something new about increasing your traffic from seo.
If you face any problem in this topic feel free to share your comment.