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How To Submit Sitemap To Google Bing Webmasters SEO Series Ended


Sitemaps are the text files in XML form of our web pages. As name of Sitemap clearly explain about it meaning that is map of our site. In my 1st first of SEO we learn about submit site in search engine for crawl but by submitting only site homepage URL doesn’t means that search engines bots also crawl your all site pages also. Sometime search bots forget to crawl some pages. so this will effect on index of your important pages in search engines. This will leads to less traffic So it is necessary to submit sitemap and also update them time to time for better site crawling and indexing.

Submission of sitemap in Google and bing webmaster is last part of my seo series. This seo series contain three different article. Before start working on Seo for every new site these three methods mention in my seo series necessary for every to follow step by step for effective SEO performance. These three article series work as building block for every new blog or site. now here i will start with my last topic of seo about submission of sitemap in webmasters. But before submitting sitemap be sure to follow my first two parts of SEO series.

Safe Tricks SEO Series For Blogs

Now here i start the steps for my third part of this series about submit sitemap in Google and Bing. Follow all the below given steps carefully.
How To Generate Sitemap For Blogger.

  • Firstly Generate Sitemap here
  • Now enter URL of your blog in box and click generate site map button.
  • When you generate site then new box comes out which look like as shown below.

Now Your sitemap is generated successfully and now time is to submit them in webmasters.

Submit Sitemap in Google

  • Open Your Google Webmaster Account.
  • Open your Site or Blog.
  • Go to Optimization for left sidebar >> Then to Sitemap.
  • Now click on the Add/Test Sitemap Button from Right side top.
  • Now Paste the below sitemap which we generate above simple copy the exact code format as shown below for your sitemap generates.


Note: Don’t copy this sitemap example which we generate in above steps because sitemap is based on total number of posts.
  •  Now Paste your sitemap in the Add/Test Sitemap box and submit them as shown below

After Click on the Submit sitemap and refresh your to see sitemap is submit successfully with an issue or error.


Submit Sitemap in Bing & Yahoo

Submit your sitemap is so easy their is no need to open your bing webmaster.
Make sure that you have verify your site with bing webmaster as mention is my 2nd article of this series.
Now to submit your sitemap in Bing simply replace www.safetricks.net from below links and copy the whole link and paste it in the url box and press enter. After pressing enter you will see the message like Thank you for sitemap submission. now simply copy below sitemap based on your total posts
If your Blog Post are between 1 – 500

If your Blog Post are between 501 – 1000



If your Blog Post are between 1001 -1500

Now Simply copy the above code based on total numbers of post on your blog and paste in new tab and press enter.
Your sitemap in bing will automatically submit by Ping Service. You don’t need to do anything.
Note:- Their is no other required method to submit sitemap in yahoo. If you submit your sitemap in bing successfully then yahoo will automatically index your site.
I hope this series of there articles on seo will effectively help you to increase your site performance in search engines. This seo series also make your site trusted in the eyes of search engine bots and reduce the changes of spam. So i suggest you to follow all the steps carefully. If you enjoy our series must share it will others also.
IF you face any kind of problem in whole series must share your comment.