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How to Stay Fit with Fast Food Items That Are Actually Healthy


How to Stay Fit with Fast Food Items That Are Actually Healthy: You might have tired from hearing damaging health consequences of consuming fast food (often known as quick food) items. But imagine you are with your friends on a drive, in a hurry and your hunger takes you to any nearby restaurant. Stay calm if you find fast food chains as your only source for a quickie lunch. There are some hunger-pleasing fast food menu items that truly contain fewer calories and fat content. Here is the list of the world’s healthiest and mouth-watering fast food items that you will love to eat.

1. Subway.

Six-inch Turkey Breast Sandwich on nine-grain wheat bread with lots of veggies and less amount of spread is a good on-the- run solution for people. A good sub deal contains everything.
you need: Calories 340, Sodium 720 mg, Protein 23 g, Fat 14g, and Carbohydrates 49 g. It is quite easy to be in shape with this meal deal as long as you forgo cheese, add less meat, and keep the size of your sandwiches under control.

2. McDonald’s

Surprisingly, the known fast food chain for its hamburgers have some meal deal options like the Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich that contains Calories 360, Protein 32g, Fat 6g, Sodium 930 mg, and Carbohydrates 43g. So, the key to keep meals good for body is to keep order customized as possible. It means that ordering the burger without French fries and soda drink which contains a lot of sugar and fat content.

3. Chipotle

One cannot forget Chipotle when it comes to staying fresh and eating healthy. Their Do- it-yourself Burrito Bowl would be better if you create it with Steak, Black Beans, Fajita Veggies, Fresh Tomato Salsa, Cheese, and Romaine Lettuce. Here is the breakdown of what it contains: Calories, 460, Protein 46g, Fat 15.5 g, Sodium 1,150 mg, and Carbohydrates 36g. As per the American Heart Association guidelines, people should not consume sodium more than 1500 mg
in their diet because higher level of sodium cause heart diseases. So, when you plan to eat this deal, you should be very choosy with you remaining meals of the day.


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