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How to Reduce Eye Strain Caused By Computer and Gadgets


You have to work in front of computer for long. Isn’t it? And that’s why your eyes may get strained which is characterized by discomfort, itching, redness, blurred vision, headache, occasional double vision, and pain in or around eyes. Even students are not free from this common eye problem because they have to spend so much time on computer for their studies. Today, children are introduced to smartphones and tablets at a very early age which impede their ability to self-learn. The only thing these gadgets do to them is harming their eyes and vision which has led to expeditiously rise in toddlers and young adults wearing glasses. Here are some ways to keep your eyes free from strain and other eye related problems.

Follow 20-20-20 FormulaWhile you are working on a computer, it is important to maintain some distance in order to get least affected from the rays coming out of the gadgets. Make sure that you sit at least five meter away from your screen. The 20-20 rule recommend that after 20 minutes of work on computer, take a 20 seconds break and look at any object 20 feet away. You must be thinking what is the logic behind doing this? According to researches, our eyes have muscles that help them move and focus on different things. However, if we stare at a screen for longer period, those muscles have a hard time adjusting once we move eyes again.

Massage your EyesThis is one of the effective ways to reduce eye strain. Every day massage your eye lids gently with any massaging cream gently in a circular motion. It improves blood circulation and also eases the muscles around your eye region. This will also prevent away dryness.

Eye ExercisesYour eyes also need to exercise because it will strengthen eye muscles and improve eye movements and focusing. Many doctors claimed that eye exercise if done regularly eliminate the need of glasses and recover lost vision. In my next article ‘Simple Eye Exercises for Improving Eye Health’ I have shared some trouble free exercises you can do anywhere to stay fit and prevent eye illness.

Wash eyes with cold water or Rose WaterA common tip to reduce eye strain is splashing cold water on closed eyes. It will prevent puffy eyes and soothe the muscles. Rose water is an excellent eye wash with antibacterial properties that reduces stress and fatigue. You can add some drops of rose water in water and clean your eyes with cotton pad.

Drink Chamomile Tea  If you are looking for an easy way to reduce sight strain, this tea will help a lot. Make chamomile tea and keep it in the refrigerator. Apply the cold tea bags on your eyes. It will help relax your eyes and give them a fresh look.

The Cucumber EffectYou have heard about the remedial attributes of cucumber for dark circles but it is also an effective vegetable for removing eye strain. Cut cucumber into thin slices and put them on your closed eyes. You can repeat this process whenever you want because it has no side effects.


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