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How to Get a Perfect Look for Office


Every working women can experience the challenge of getting up in the morning, dressing nicely, and wear makeup to look suitable for the corporate environment and that too in a very short time period. When we talk about office makeup, then it is important to note that office makeup are a bit different from the party and wedding makeup. To apply the right product in the right quantity is very important. This article will share how to do all the steps under ten minutes.

1. Preparing at Night

For a good start of the day, you should wake up fresh physically and mentally. For that reason, remove any make up from skin every night with a cotton pad and go to sleep at a reasonable time. For a healthy functioning body, a person should get adequate amount of sleep. Researches have confirmed that ongoing insufficient sleep has adverse effects on health and can lead to chronic conditions like depression and heart diseases. According to researches, an adult should take 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

2. Begin With Cleansing

Wash your face thoroughly with a good face wash and lukewarm water before applying any cosmetic. Pat it dry with a soft cloth or tissue. Avoid using hot water on face.

3. Apply BB Cream


Apply a generous amount of BB cream and save yourself from all the jazz of applying coats of sun screen, moisturizer, foundation, and the troubles of blenders and brushes. For great results, apply a single coat with clean finger tips.

4. Apply a Little Amount of Concealer

Skip this step if you have a spotless and glowing skin but this is for those who can get a fabulous skin with a quick swipe of concealer. Be sure to select a concealer that matches with your skin tone. If you feel the need to apply a solid coat of concealer, do not forget it to properly blend with a brush or sponge to minimize the difference between your spots and your base coat of BB cream.

5. Apply Blush for Rosy Cheeks

Now that you’re done with your main work. Apply a neutral colored blush according to your face shape. For women who have long face should apply it on the apples and take the brush to the temples. For oval faces, apply blush on the apples and blend it. For a square shape face with strong jawlines, blush should be applied in a linear motion.

6. Put Black Eye Liner Softly

Give your eyes a final touch by lining your eyes softly with liquid black eye liner. You can apply black pencil on the lower lid as well to give some definition to your overall look. Finish it off by applying a generous coat of mascara.

7. Enhance Your Lips


The first step to make your lips appear fuller is to apply some lip balm. It will reduce crevices and make lips smooth and supple. Use a lip liner that matches with your skin tone. Apply some nude shades with the help of lipstick brush to make the color evenly distributed in the inner area of the lips.