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How to Connect Samsung DeX to the External Display


You may have heard the phrase “smartphones are as powerful as a PC”, but are they really? Samsung also thinks it’s true and with Galaxy S8 and S8 Plug company announced its Project Samsung DeX it turns the concept of smartphone-as-PC to reality.

Pre-requisites for Samsung DeX

Before you move on to the process here is the list of the products you will need to setup Samsung DeX.

  1. An External Display Monitor, TV or Projector
  2. An HDMI Cable
  3. A Keyboard and Mouse
  4. Samsung Fast Charger that is available with your Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Once your are pretty sure that you have everything mentioned above proceed to the Setup of Samsung DeX.

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Here is How to Setup Samsung DeX
  • Connect Samsung DeX to your display (monitor, TV, or projector) through an HDMI cable
  • Insert Samsung’s fast charger into the DeX and then connect your keyboard and mouse (for USB keyboard and mouse – connect it to the respective USB ports on DeX)
  • For wireless keyboard and mouse, you would first need to pair it to your Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8+. If your peripherals lack Android connectivity and have a USB dongle instead, then you just need to make use of the USB-C to USB adapter that comes with your Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8+ box. Just connect the keyboard and mouse dongle to the adapter followed by connecting the adapter to your phone, and then you will be able to pair them in a jiffy. After pairing it with the phones, plug the dongle into DeX’s USB port.
  • Now, slide the top of the DeX and put your Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8+ into it. Check if you have plugged it right into the USB Type-C port
  • After the successful connection, your phone’s screen would turn black, and you will see the external display light up with Samsung DeX logo.
  • To unlock DeX, just unlock your Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8+ by any security that you’re using – PIN, Pattern, Iris scanner, Face recognition, or any other method.
  • Your DeX is now all set to be used on external display.

Did this help you get started with Samsung DeX? Let us know in the comments below and also have a look on our Samsung Galaxy S8 review.