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How to Accept Amazon Affiliate Payment Using Payoneer


Around the world maybe there thousands of Amazon affiliate marketers who are taking advantage of Amazon affiliate program to make handsome money from it. However, if you don’t know how to become Amazon affiliate marketer, you can read this article How to Start With Amazon Affiliate Program. And if you are already an Amazon affiliate marketer then you might be struggling with accepting Amazon affiliate payment? Well, you are not alone, there are many other from the various part of the world are facing the same issue.

However, you can pick the option and accept payment as a direct deposit to your bank account only if you are leaving in the USA or UK. But what if you are non-us resident and want to accept Amazon affiliate payment?

Payoneer can help you to receive direct payment from Amazon. Few tweaks and you can change the payment method to “Pay Me Direct” to receive Amazon affiliate payment direct to your bank account.

#Problem Receiving Affiliate Payment through Cheque

The first issue is, we can not track the cheque Amazon sent to us. Just because Amazon is using Normal United Stated Postage, which takes approx 3-4 weeks to reach to us.

This is not all, once we receive the cheque, it will take more 3-4 weeks for clearance and receive funds in our bank account. Overall it takes 6-8 weeks to credit the Amazon affiliate fund into our bank accounts.

In many cases, I have noticed that many of the affiliate marketer’s cheques returned back to Amazon without any notification. And if the cheque returned, then you have to report it to your Amazon affiliate account manager and ask for re-issuing the cheque. This will again take one or two months to get the cheque. Once you get it again, you have to wait for another 15-20 days or maybe more based on your bank to encash it.

So basically it is a painful procedure to get the Amazon affiliate payment, and this is where many individuals have to look for an alternative.

The great alternative to receiving Amazon affiliate commission is Payoneer.

What is the Process to Accept Amazon.com Affiliate Money using Payoneer?

To overcome the problem with Amazon’s standard payment method, all you need is to use Payoneer and get your cash transferred directly to your bank account.

But the question how to receive Amazon US payment with Payoneer? Well, on-of-its-kind service makes it possible.

With Payoneer’s service, you will be able to instruct Amazon to transfer payment in your Virtual bank account in the US. Once the money transfer by the Amazon to your virtual US bank account, you can easily withdraw the cash right from your local bank account or local ATM booth. The process generally takes merely 2-3 days which is obviously way better than waiting for one or two months.

Sounds exciting, right?

Let’s see the complete procedure to receive payment.

How to Receive Amazon Affiliate Payment through Payoneer.

As you can see in the above picture, you will find the information about your virtual bank account details such as bank name, bank account number, routing number, and account type. Now next is to fill Payoneer virtual account details in Amazon Affiliate account.

Modify The Payment Method In Your Amazon Affiliates Account

Step #1. Login to your Amazon.com associates accounts and there click on Account Settings link from the top-right corner.

Step #2. Click Change Payment Method.

Step #3. On the next page of Payment Method Page, change the payment method to Pay me by direct deposit (The United States Based Associates Only.

Step #4. Enter the bank account details from the Payoneer Global Services Bank details. Make sure you double check everything and finally click on Subm..

However, if you have already added the same bank account details, you just need verify it and then submit it.

You need to make sure that you have filled out the tax information that is mandatory to receive payment.

And you are all set!!!

Now Amazon will send your affiliate commission through Direct Deposit. Your money will get your virtual bank account, and from there, your money will land in your Payoneer account.

#Note: remember all the changes that you made here will be applicable from the next month.
After the money lands in your account of Payoneer, you can then withdraw it from your actual bank account in your country (only if not done automatically).

Wrapping Up

It was easy, wasn’t it? This is how you quickly can receive your Amazon affiliate payment with using Payoneer. This is the quickest and easiest way to receive your hard earned money. No more waiting, and no more frustration.

While it takes more than one month to receive payment via cheque, your Amazon affiliate payment will now be arriving in your account within a week, and all credit goes to Payoneer.

This is it, folks! Hope this helps those who are making money from Amazon affiliate program and however, couldn’t find a quick way to receive money in their country.