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Google’s 4K Ready Chrome cast Ultra Costs Just $69?


Chromecast of the Google has emerged as largest selling device around the world and these devices are almost 30 million in numbers. Apparently, the company has revealed the latest successor named as Chrome cast Ultra.

The size of the Chrome cast is small that is plugged in via HDMI into TV and essentially turns it into a smart TV. You can stream any media files from the phone directly to your TV or apps such as Youtube, Netflix etc. The Chrome cast Ultra looks similar to the Chrome cast 2 and is even more Powerful. According to Google, its speed is double as the speed of the Chrome cast 2 and almost support every latest technology.

It is cable of playing 4k videos and is also able to play HDR and Dolby Vision. The app also contains advanced features of the Wifi and its power brick also contain Ethernet port, in order to play 4k video Streaming.

The price of the Chrome cast $69 and it will be available to the users in November, its price resembles with the price of the Xiami’s Mi Box, an android device which has same features like Chromecast Ultra such as playing 4k and HDR.

However, there is no clue about the release of Chrome cast Ultra Internationally but these Google’s devices have been turned up very quickly in the online Shopping stores of Pakistan. The original cost of the Chrome cast 2 is $ 35 but its price in Pakistan is PKR 5000 presently.

Today’s Google’s Biggest hardware event has given us new Hardware that is created by Google. This move has given a new turn to the company in the Company’s strategy as it plans to fight with apple for hardware superiority.