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Google now lets you control your phone using Harry Potter spells


If you have never missed out on Hogwarts, then Google has been introducing now a new best thing only for the Android phone users.

Google has been introducing handy spells from the Harry Potter series through which you can be able to control your phone and can also be able to to turn on your phone flashlight.

By typing some of the latin words like Lumos and Silencio in order to perform different operations on the phone, you can also engage the Google voice assistant by saying “OK Google” or just by holding the microphone in the search bar.
These features can help a lot of people in using their phone easily and more efficiently. You can also see the working of feature in the above figure.

The command that is used to add a light on to back light rod is named as Lumos, through which your phone’s flashlight will be turned and for closing the flashlight you need to use Nox command.

Similarly, use Silencio for turning your phone to silent. These new features are the part of the new Harry Potter film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Moreover, Google is also working on the plans of introducing Locations from the film to the Google street view.

When you will enter ” Fantastic Beasts” in the search bar of Google map then you will be able to see different locations like 1926 New York and also select four indoor US locations from the film in order to view them.

It is not the first movies from which Google has taken the idea of the new features.

However, The spelling feature is very good. Previously, the company has tied up with star war and Jedi lightsaber game.