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Google Cloud Platform launches in Tokyo, its 6th region globally


like Facebook, Google is also trying to expand its feature in the entire world.

Presently, Google has established its Cloud Platform business in the in the Asia northeast 1 region in Tokyo.

Before Tokyo, Google has laid down its infrastructure in the 5 countries, 3 of them have been existing the US, one in Belgium and one in Taiwan.

Google is also providing local infrastructure which means that the company offers business in the lower latency area and for the better performance in terms of the data transfer speeds.

According to the company, in the japan region the company saw 85% of the lower latency then Taiwan during the beta phase.

The region where the company has established its infrastructure supports Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Persistent Disk, Google App Engine Standard Environment, Google Container Engine, database and analytics services, core networking and security services, including Cloud VPN and Google Cloud DNS.

Google has been trying to overtake the Amazon Web service (AWS), therefore Google had launched Google Compute Engine infrastructure as a service in 2012 and also the company is expanding its Cloud Platform in different areas to have a strong grip on the market shares.

Earlier this year, Google has announced two new zones for its cloud, one in Oregon which is already established and another one in Tokyo.

The company had indicated about the more regions for opening its Cloud Platform next year.

The regions that will have Google Cloud Platform are London (U.K.), Sydney (Australia), Frankfurt (Germany), Mumbai (India), Sao Paulo Brazil, Singapore, Hamina (Finland), and Northern Virginia U.S.

Google wants to take the crown of the world’s giant company for a long period of time, for this purpose the company has been spending a lot of the investments.

Earlier this year, the company has established a new internet cable Japan to Oregon opened for its services.

a few months ago, Facebook and Google has joined hands for making the direct connection between Los Angeles and Hong Kong using a new undersea cable, which is expected to be completed in 2018.