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Google Chrome soon won’t be such a burden your computer


New version of Google Chrome coming in next two months will not consume much memory as it do now.

Memory is a precious source in computing devices which help computers run apps faster and make the performance of devices better.

As websites are getting more complex, web browsers are becoming more powerful, but the consume a lot of memory to browse such websites.

Memory usage reduction is great way to reduce the usage of memory in devices, But you shouldn’t expect that your hardware will boost up suddenly.

The PC’s and Mobiles steadily got more memory and programmers have developed apps to make computer efficiency by consuming less memory while providing better performance.

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The Chrome team working on V8, the part of the browser that runs the JavaScript programs that make websites tick, “significantly reduced the memory footprint” of websites like Imgur, Reddit, Twitter and The New York Times. The changes come in Chrome 55, due in December.

How much memory will be saved? One aspect called heap memory dropped 50% of memory usage on average; another called zone memory dropped 40%. Many other optimization techniques are being developed.