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Google brings Android Auto to the phone


In the start of this year, Google has announced that the company plans to introduce its phone-centric in-car infotainment platform in every car by publishing it as a stand-alone Android app.

Of course, every project requires time to be completed, therefore after few months the company has issued an update for Android Auto app.

You can even now enjoy all the features of the Android Auto if your car is not Android Auto Compatible.

Android Auto is capable of providing you a simplified interface that links directions, music, and incoming messages into a disturbance-free environment.

You may have entertained this feature in any of the cars that support Android Auto.

This feature is very handy to a lot of the people around the world while they are driving.

Many popular applications like Spotify, Pandora, Google Maps and several others supports Android Auto and are operating with Android Auto.

Like all other Things, in the next update, the company will add “OK Google” feature in the app.

Through this feature, you will be able to control your music, send messages and use directions.

Google has tried its best to provide relief to its app users while driving.

The company has allowed the users to automatically start the app when the phone is connected to the car using Bluetooth.

Android Auto App can operate on any of the phones that operates Android version 5.0 and newer.

The company will be going to release the updates in few day or weeks for all the users living in more than 30 countries.

The company is yet testing this feature and has been available to the selected users.