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Google AdSense Ke Top 10 Question Answer FAQ


Google AdSense Ke Top 10 Question Answer FAQ: Hello friends! Google adsense is a popular advertising network, which allows you to earn money from your website. This blog is about logging in. What are the reasons for this? I have a blogging experience as well, but blogging is a hard work.

If you are interested in making money from your website, then you have a high traffic, quality search, SEO and advertising company. If you want to use AdSense for trusted sites

I’m going to start my login with Lekin We are confused about how to join adsense, and earning money. Initially, the answer to the question (FAQ) of the question has been defined by the answer to my question.

Adsense se Related Questions Question:

Qus 1- How do I apply for a Google AdSense account?

Answer: Please submit your AdSense site to this site and submit a form. Please fill out your website and submit your details.

Qus 2 – Google AdSense Account Application Disapproved Rejected?

Ans – The adsense application has been disapproved because of which it can be resolved.

-Insufficient content for content on your site

Duplicate content Please send a copy of the content from your site.
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To post to this question, please reply to this question.

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Qus 3 – Is Google AdSense less earning?

Ans – Adsense earning is lower than most people’s traffic. Is it possible to have high traffic?

What is the reason for this and what are the benefits of earning your adsense earnings? Ad placement, low keyword jiase or apki downloading site, to the song you are earning, it does not mean that you do not have high paying keywords.

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Qus 4 – Adsense account approved kaise karayen?

Ans – Adsense account Approved karane ke liye app ye post padhen.

Google AdSense Approve New Trick

Qus 5- Mere Adsense Account ka Address verify kaise karun?

Ans- Adsense account approved hone ke baad next work address verification ka hota hai. Iss liye address section me apna sahi sahi correct address hi den. Iss address pe adsense apko ek card send karega jispe Pin hoga usse apne dashboard me enter Karen. But agar apke address me adsense pin nahi pahuch paa raha to bhi apka address verify ho jaega iske liey ye post padhen.

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Qus 6 – CTR Aur eCPM ka kya matlab hota hai ?

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Ans- eCpm per thousand impression pe collect hota hai , Apke total earning aur page impression ka 1000 me divide hota hai

eCPM = (Total Earning / Page impression)×1000

Page CTR ka matlab click through rate hota hai, jaise apke ads pe 1000 bar me 40 click hota hain to apki page CTR 4.0% hogi.

Page CTR%= (Click/Page impression)

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Qus 7- Adsense Account Dissapproved hone ke baad kya kare?

Ans – Agar apka adsense account disapproved ho jata hai to aap phir se iske liye reapply kar sakte hain. Jab bhi adsense disapproved hota hai tab adsense ki traf se ek mail ata hai jisme disapproved ka reason diya hota hai. To aap un sabhi kaiyo ko sahi Karen aur phir se reapply Karen.

AdSense Account Disapproved hone ke baad Reapply Kab kare

Qus 8 – Kya Adsense account ko apne kai sites pe use kar sakte hai?

Ans – Yes, aap ek hi adsense account ko apne bhaut si sites pe use kar sakte hain.

Qus 9- Kya mai Adsense account ko invalid activity click se safe kar sakta hun?

Ans- Yes, Agar apke Account pe invalid activity jo rahi hai to iske liye aap adsense ko apel form submit Karen. Invalid activity ko track karne ke liye sabse best tarik hai adsense click fraud monitoring plugin. Jisse aaap usse track kar sakte hain. Iske liye aap inn sabhi post ko read Karen.

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Invalid AdSense Click Track kaise Karen

Kaise Pata kare AdSense ke Invalid Activity ko

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Qus 10- AdSense Ads ka website pe less targeted Ads PSA show karna ?

Ans – Less Target ads show karne ke bhaut se reason hain. Less target ads ka matlab bhaut kam ads ka show hona.


Website relates issue and Crawler

Agar aap ne robot.txt file se ads ko block kiya hai tab bhi apke site me ads show nhi karega.

Agar apne ads code koi frame me ad kiya hai to isse problem ho sakti hai. Adsense ka apke site language ko support na karna. Apke site pe text ka kam hona. Iske bare me next post me full describe karunga.

app iss Question Answer ko padhen Aur agar apka koi qus ho to comment kar ke puchen.

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