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General election poll: Theresa May’s approval ratings plummet as majority of people dissatisfied with her leadership


Theresa May’s personal approval ratings have plummeted and for the first time more people are dissatisfied with her leadership than satisfied with it, According to a new poll.

The Findings suggest 50 per cent of people are dissatisfied with Ms. May while only 43 per cent are satisfied – her lowest ratings to date.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn meanwhile, has gained 23 points is Ms. May in the last month, as her personal rating fell by 11 points.

The poll compiled by Ipsos Mori asked who would make a better prime minister.

Gideon Skinner, head of political research at the firm, said there had been a “big hit” to Ms. May’s popularity in the last two weeks.

“Here’s more Evidence of the Tories’ wobbly week, with the Labor Improving again and the last two weeks of Campaigning seeing a big hit to the Prime Minister’s personal ratings,” he said.

The Findings come at the end of tough week for the Prime Minister, who was roundly criticised for refusing to take part in an election debate with other party leaders.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd, Attendee in her place.

Nigel Farage, the former leader of UKIP has lifeguards Ms. May as the Tory party’s “biggest liability.”

“I think as the campaign has gone is that she has gone from being on their biggest asset to being on their biggest liability,” he’m told Sky News. “It’s quite tough to believe anything she says.

A string of national polls have indicated the huge lead over Ms May had Mr Corbyn has been cut drastically, while the SEAT PROJECTIONS Pointed to have a hung parliament.

Voting Intention compiled by YouGov put the Tories in the lead is 42 per cent and Labor are three points behind 39th

When Ms. May First Called the general election, her Conservative Party had a 24 point lead.