Home Tech Facebook unveils blockbuster update to one of its oldest features

Facebook unveils blockbuster update to one of its oldest features


Facebook has began to roll-out some important adjustments to photo albums.

The california-based totally social community has made several tweaks to its photo albums, that are not just about images!

Fb customers can now consist of motion pictures, check-ins and text updates into albums along your holiday snaps.

There’s additionally a renewed recognition on collaboration, with facebook now making it easier than earlier than to add friends as individuals to albums.

That means your fb friends can assist compile an album – filing images, statuses, movies and greater.
Facebook has also brought a new privateness alternative which lets in customers to handiest make the album seen to buddies of collaborators.

You can additionally function albums in your profile to highlight a number of your pleasant creations.

However, this can make the albums public – enabling all people to look them.

his latest update brings Facebook up to speed with Google Photos, which has already boasts a number of these collaborative features.

One advantage Facebook has its rivals is the ability to include other content – like statuses, text posts, videos – directly within its photo sharing platform.

The update is out today for desktop and Android. iOS users can get the functionality soon.

The news comes as Apple revealed it would be ditching Facebook login from the next version of its iPhone and iPad operating system, dubbed iOS 11.

According to Axios, Apple is set to scrap the ability to sign into Twitter and Facebook directly from the iOS Settings menu.

Apple has allowed iOS users to sign into Facebook directly within iOS since 2012 and Twitter since 2011.

The tight integration with these social networks allowed users to link social accounts directly with their iOS device.

That made using third-party apps a more seamless experience – since these apps did not have to request that users manually log into a Facebook or Twitter account each time.

Instead the app was approved from iOS itself, saving users’ hassle.

Apple currently provides the ability to sign-in with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Vimeo, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo.

However the Cupertino-based company will not be looking to add more accounts to the iOS Settings menu in iOS 11.

Instead, Apple looks set to ditch the ability to sign into these social networks directly from the iOS Settings menu.

That means Facebook and Twitter will now be treated like other apps – with no preferential treatment from iOS.