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Every Women Should Follow These Six Ways to De-Stress Herself


It is common to have days where we feel worn out and tensed. This condition usually arises when we don’t take time for ourselves and relax. Being a working women who ambitiously work day and night, I know how being stressed out feels like. Sometimes I thought to quit my job but then I realized this is not the solution and it will only grow my problems because I have to pay my bills at the end of the month. So, how can I survive without a job? Instead of getting worried, sit down for a minute and think about some quick ways to de-stress yourself after a hectic day.

Don’t take office work at home

Before leaving for home, be sure that all the key tasks of the day are completed within the working hours. Make a to-do list each morning when you sit on your workstation. This will help you to clearly organize your activities for the whole day.

Take a hot bath

While shower helps you remove all the dirt and dust, you can also relieve your stress with a detoxifying bath. Researches shows that taking a bath with warm water relaxes stiff muscles and increase blood circulation in all parts of the body. Epsom salt is a great stress reliever which ease body pain and aches and improve heart health. While running hot water in the tub, add 2 small cups of and 10 drops of lavender for getting the results of a moisturizer. To get an additional effect, light few candles, play a soothing background music, and soak in the tub for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

Change into your most comfy dressGet out of tight office clothes and wear your comfortable pajamas or trousers with a T-shirt made of soft fabric.

Put tech devices in drawer

Usage of technological devices and internet has become a major part of our professional and personal life. We already send and receive hundreds of emails, check our social media accounts, share and upload content after every few minutes so these activities should not be a part of your relaxation time. Make it your routine to switch off your mobile phone as early as you can and put it in your drawer or cupboard until you are ready to start your another day.

Drink some calming tea

Hot beverages have properties that soothe the body. Reading your favorite book with a hot cup of tea after a crazy hectic day is a good idea to take a much wanted interval in your life.

Play some tunes

Music has been used as a therapy from years. One best way to loosen up yourself is to play soft music that relax you down and listen to them while sitting on your couch. If it doesn’t work for you, then sing or dance on rocking beats. You can do this while pressing your clothes for the next day.