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Chrome 56 reloads faster and shoots Flash in the knee


New Version 56 of Google Chrome browser started work out to Macs today, along with bringing its several new security improvements, lower power consumption, and a special boost.Chrome now acts with the clearer warning to users when a website requests password or credit card information over a non-HTTPS, unsecured connection. Chrome 56 also make the first version of HTML5 the default model for all the users, with Flash content and that was automatically blocked by the browser.

Support for the HTTPS-secure Web Bluetooth API has also been included. That will allow websites to connect to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices like printers and lightbulbs. Chrome 56 also make 51 additional security fixes to the browser.

According to a Google blog post, the new version of chrome will also change the function of the page reload now page reload performance is 28 percent faster and result in 60 percent fewer validation requests. The new function also maximizes the reuse of cached resources which results in lower latency, power consumption, and data usage.

In addition, Chrome 56 also make built-in FLAC support for the first time, meaning users of the (non-iTunes compatible) audio format can listen to tracks from within the browser.

finally, Google has launch a new Browser Timer feature that automatically throttles background pages violate their allotted runtime allowance, provided they aren’t playing media.

Mac users also download Chrome 56. Existing users can update by selecting Chrome -> choice via the menu bar and clicking the About section. Users downloading Chrome for the first time and after they will automatically receive the updated version from the Chrome download page. An update for the iOS browser app is expected soon.