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7 Food You Should Totally Avoid to Stay Healthy


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge especially in this modern time that almost everything is unnatural. The key to achieve a healthy body is proper exercise and proper food intake. Exercise without taking precautions of the food intake will render exercise useless. Eating nutritious foods is as important as exercise in order to be healthy.

In this highly advanced technological era, processing foods has become dangerously unnatural. Even the most nutritious type of food can contain harmful and dangerous substances due to the use of pesticides which contains harmful chemicals. Without mention the highly processed foods and junk foods which are of no good to the human body. Listed below are the seven types of food you must avoid to stay lean and healthy.

Drinking soda has become a habit to almost everyone. This category also includes processed drinks like fruit juice and energy drinks. These drinks are very high on calories and sugar. They are one of the primary causes of triglyceride increase that can lead to stroke.

2.Ice Cream
Ice cream contains a lot of unhealthy contents such as sugar, fat, dairies, calories, plus preservatives and artificial flavoring and coloring. One cup of ice cream has almost 300 calories which makes it one of the top most fattening and unhealthiest types of food.

Cheese burgers and other types of burgers you can buy on fast food stores can add calories to your body in an instant. Plus it also as 900 grams of sodium which is too much for the body if you want to be healthy.

4.Processed Foods
Processed foods include hot dogs, sausage, bacon, lunch meat, smoked meat as well as all types of canned foods. These foods are made of artificially processed meats which heavily contains calories, fats, and carcinogenic substances that are primary causes of cancer and other more serious illnesses.

Everyone loves pizza. Just like burger, pizza is one of the most favorite foods anywhere in the world. Eating pizza is like eating different kinds of processed foods all at once. Pizza has bacon, sausage, ham, pepperoni, and many more others. Pizza is jam-packed with calories, sodium and fat.

Candies, baked goods, pastries, and the likes have very high trans fat content. They reduce the body’s good cholesterol and increases the bad cholesterol levels.

7.Junk Foods (Potato Chips etc)
Junk foods are undeniably very tasty. If you want to stay lean and fat, avoid eating junk foods because they are of no good contribution to the health of the body in any way. They have high calories content and are very high on preservatives