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5 Super Foods To Increase Your Hair Growth


When we talk about our health and to look smarter, we consider everything. However, sometimes we forget to the treat our hair. We have five simple foods collection by mean of which you can increase your hair growth.

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt has proven itself as the great source of very healthy nutrients. Moreover, Vitamin D and pantothenic acid are the key components of Greek yogurt which are very beneficial for the hair. Proteins are the fundamental elements of the hair growth and strength. Greek Yogurt Provide pack of proteins to your hair. It’s tasty and healthy for your hair.

Yellow Pepper

Vitamin C is another important nutrition needed for the betterment of your hair. Yellow pepper contains more Vitamin C than oranges. The best purpose of Vitamin C is, it prevents your hair from breaking and falling by increasing their strength.

Sweet Potatoes

Are you afraid of dandruff? Is your hair dry? Do you want to get rid of dryness? Sweet potatoes are the best in treating your scalp and hair growth. You can easily get rid of the dry hairs as this food fights against the dryness.


Biotin helps in the faster growth of your hair and make them thick and shining. Almonds contain the high level of biotins. For better maintenance of your hair try adding some amount of almonds in your daily routine diet.


Eggs are also one of the great sources of biotin. Biotin not only strengthens your hair but also very beneficial for your fingernails. However, eggs offer Vitamin B too which helps ultimately for the better growth of hair and prevents you from hair fall problem.